When you start monetizing a website, your goal is to gain the best profit possible. One of the most useful ways to do that is to use a good CPM ad network for native ads. Here, we explain to you why and which ones you can use to get more money.

If you still don’t know what CPM is, then you should understand it before moving on to deciding which ad network is for you. CPM is an abbreviation for cost per thousand impressions, and it is commonly used to calculate how many thousands of individuals your advertising or marketing item has made an impact on. It is usually used in campaigns designed to be seen by a high number of people.

This goes hand in hand with which type of advertising you use. This can be video ads, native ads, pre-roll ads, etcetera. For getting the best profit possible, we believe that using native ads is the best way to do it. This is because they don’t usually look like ads, but rather seem to be part of the website they’re in. It exposes the reader to advertisements without being too obvious about it.


With this being said, we can say that using native ads that are paid by CPM is the best way to make money online at the moment. Of course, it also depends on the type of content you make and how much engagement you have. So, if you think this can suit your website and want to try this type of advertising, here we present to you the three best CPM ad networks for native ads traffic:

1. MediaFem

MediaFem counts with 12 years of ad monetization experience and it’s situated in the UK. This is a full-service supply-side platform that is driven by a modern prediction engine. Because of this, it delivers crucial tools for digital media success to publishers, such as A/B testing, intelligence reports, and customization possibilities.

The main advantage you’ll get if you use this ad network is the use of Ad Styles because they capture the viewer’s attention on a higher level. This increases the chance that they’ll click on the ads, which results in more earnings. Another key benefit is that MediaFem has a revenue share system for publishers that is not averaged. It is likewise unaffected by the publisher’s real location.

In MediaFem, you have a choice of placement options to select from, all of which may be tailored to your website’s design and appearance. To take advantage of real-time bidding, it provides a variety of header bidding choices. 

2. SmartyAds

SmartyAds’ CPM publisher SSP is a component of the company’s extensive programmatic full-stack infrastructure, which it has built over the last 8 years. It integrates proprietary DSP, ad exchange, and DMP platforms, giving publishers rapid access to a plethora of premium-class advertisers and extra tools required for efficient inventory monetization.

SmartyAds SSP publisher platform generates one of the greatest fill rates across major geos, verticals, and ad formats, serving billions of impressions every month. Top-tier nations on the SmartyAds SSP publisher platform include the United States, Israel, the United Kingdom, India, Germany, and Russia, among others.

3. Conversant Media

Conversant Media is an ad platform for publishers that offers over 5,000 ad campaigns each month, making it ideal for media owners that operate in a variety of business sectors. Because of the obvious campaign reporting choices focusing on income numbers and performance review creation, the system is straightforward and intuitive. Publishers can profit from typical desktop formats, native, mobile, display advertisements, rich media, video, and so on.


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