Companies, media, and users take advantage of the advertising tool due to interesting, non-intrusive, and quality content

Users are increasingly open to discovering quality content that they really find useful and interesting in the online world. Native advertising is a great resource for companies, media, and users. To better understand the benefits of advertising, we will tell you about the main advantages of this powerful advertising tool.

Online advertising is exciting. And business on the Internet, too. Every day that passes, all companies and entrepreneurs have to learn new ways to sell and have visibility.

Many times you have to invest money, but it is worth the effort. If the conversion rate increases exponentially, that investment becomes profit. Especially if it adds value to the user: a concept that increasingly has its weight in gold.

Native Ads

Advertising has become a tool that cannot be missing when making a product or service known. However, the number of advertisements consumers receive each day can be truly intrusive.

Furthermore, in many cases, the advertisements that users come across while browsing have nothing to do with their personal tastes or purchasing interests. The appearance of more demanding, critical, and informed consumers has forced advertising and advertising professionals to design strategies that allow advertising that really attracts the attention of users.

1.- The ads are not invasive for consumers as they are content that is perfectly integrated into the media.

2.- They provide benefits to both media and publicists and consumers. In the case of the latter, they enjoy quality content that, moreover, is of interest to them. For their part, publicists achieve greater interaction with users. And the supports experience an increase in their CPM, as well as in income.

3.- Native advertising generates greater confidence than traditional advertising, as it is not intrusive. In fact, this happens for two out of three Generation X and Z consumers.

4.- The contents offered by native advertising are attractive to consumers and arouse their interest, whether they are sponsored or not

5.- Publicists who invest in native with attractive formats increase their sales. In fact, in the United States, for example, one in three millennials has bought a product from a company after seeing sponsored content.

6.- Considerably increases CTR (Click Through Rate) compared to display advertising. And it manages to multiply them by eight compared to traditional ads.

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