The best way of generating income during this year is to try to use one of the selected platforms. Read on to learn more about it.

Advertising platforms are the stars of generating income on the internet. These are companies that encourage you to manage your site by putting selected advertising that is displayed every time a visitor comes to your page. When it interacts with this content, you are able to make your accountancy and stats grow.

There are so many companies offering the same service online, but everyone operates in their own way and asks for their own requirements. Google Adsense is one of the most famous companies on the net. But this fact doesn’t mean it is the best choice for every page. So, if you are looking for your manager platform, let’s read more.

Adsense has a number of vulnerabilities that make it unsuitable for specific blogs. It can, for example, handle any type of content-heavy website, such as blogs, news sites, video publishers, and just about anything else. If you wish to participate, you must pay a minimum amount and complete a long list of prerequisites. As a result, being approved to use this platform will not only be difficult, but it will also take a long time to be examined and receive a response from the company. If you want an ad company that begins assisting you with good viewpoints right away, it makes sense to search for an option for AdSense.

Publishers who use Google AdSense receive 68 percent of the revenue generated by ads on their websites.Although this is a competitive rate, there are various other networks that provide a bigger percentage. Get noticed with these three better alternatives for you. And don’t forget to take account of your needs and expectations before making any selection.


MediaFem is a full-service ad network with a solid reputation for getting brands and products noticed. Publishers receive 70% of the revenue earned by MediaFem in connection with the service in exchange for displaying adverts on this platform. These percentages are consistent across all publications, regardless of publication location, and are not average.

It’s a platform that’s already hosting over 450 websites from all around the world, and it’s only getting started. There are also “specialized marketing” codes, which ensure that all adverts are seen by people who are actually interested in what is being given.

Payments to publishers can also be made using standard payment methods like PayPal. It is recognized as the system that offers the quickest when it refers to payment deadlines.


Skimlinks is the only option on our list that specialised in affiliate marketing. It works by looking for links to other sites in the text of your blog. When a visitor clicks on a link that leads to one of Skimlinks‘ advertising partners, it becomes an affiliate link, and you get a 75 percent compensation. When others buy things through your affiliate links, you get paid even more.

Bloggers who want to monetize their text content without (or in addition to) display adverts will find Skimlinks to be excellent. It also works well in product reviews, since brands are more likely to be mentioned by name. With a $10 minimum payment, Skimlinks is a great place to start. Payments are only sent every 90 days, though.


Consider BuySellAds, a self-serve ad portal for publishers, if your site has constant high traffic. To join BuySellAds, you’ll need at least 100,000 monthly page views, and it only accepts English-language websites with great content and design.

You’ll get a 75% commission each click if you can attain this high bar. This is a fairly competitive rate for the business, and much more than Google’s 62 percent per click commission rate. With PayPal, the minimum payout is only $20.

Banners, text advertisements, native ads, RSS feed ads, email ads, and content sponsorships are examples of ad formats. BuySellAds, unlike other alternatives, does not show automated or targeted adverts. Instead, publishers use a marketplace to sell the ad space on their site to marketers.