Are you trying to monetize your new site? We can tell you that Google Adsense isn’t the only way to make money from your webpage. Read below; we are going to give you the information that you need.

As you may know, the most well-known ad platform is Google Adsense, but that does not imply it is the ideal option for every site, particularly if your page does not have a significant number of visitors or your flow does not meet the minimum level for applying. Let us tell you that this is not a good option if you are starting this race.

There are so many companies on the internet that are waiting to manage your site, despite your flow or content. You just need to find it and let it manage your page. This platform will add publishing to your site, carefully chosen by studied algorithms, and you’ll start earning money from the first view.

Working hand in hand with advertising companies is the best option that you can take if you need to earn money passively and easily. Every interaction with your visitors will increase your earnings and your stats. You’ll be present at the most growing time of your business.

So, if you are interested in this wonderful choice, think well, take care of your needs and what the platforms offer, and choose the best option. It’s OK. We know this is not a simple task. That’s why we have created a short but effective list of the companies that will be happy to work with you. Read below and choose one.


MediaFem is a well-known internet organisation that is responsible, knowledgeable, and caring. The profit-to-payout ratio of the company is 70-30. They shared 70% of the proceeds with the publishers and 30% with the authors.

It works by using an algorithm to analyse the content of a website or blog in order to display a connected ad that researchers would find interesting. Simply copy and paste the ad code provided by the ad provider, and you will be paid every time someone clicks or scrolls on it. Unlike other ad networks, this one takes pride in providing bloggers with higher-quality content. It is quick to adapt to advertising needs, ensuring that each impression is as positive as possible.

By delivering relevant information and employing more successful techniques than other ad networks, MediaFem has developed into the firm it is today.


PropellerAds is an ad network that offers internet marketers and site publishers a comprehensive range of industry-leading ad-serving and optimization solutions.

Display, native, pop-under, and push notifications are just a handful of the ad types available through PropellerAds. You can establish campaigns and see real-time reporting for your advertising on the platform, making it easy to track and manage them.

PayPal, Payoneer, Bank Transfer, Webmoney, and ePayments are the only payment methods having a $25 minimum payout.

3- Taboola

Taboola is a popular content discovery and native advertising platform that helps companies access highly targeted audiences and expand their traffic development.

Taboola’s personalized content recommendations can be found in the feed as well as a widget at the bottom, top, or side of blog articles. You can also segment your audience by location, device, operating system, and connection type.

With the programme, you have complete control over your campaigns, from defining your own goals to changing your campaign’s daily ad distribution after it’s live. Taboola is an excellent option for people who want to see exactly how effective their ads are and where they may enhance their techniques.