Are you looking for an alternative to Google Adsense to market your Malaysian blog or website? To achieve it, try these other tools.

Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country with a population of 32.57 million people in January 2021, of which 27.43 million were internet users. By 2025, this number is expected to exceed 30 million.

In addition, between 2020 and 2021, internet usage in Malaysia increased by 738 thousand (+2.8 percent). Malaysia now has an internet penetration rate of 84.2 percent.

As you can see, the number of registered internet users in this country is continuously expanding, thanks to amazing technological breakthroughs. An online business, in which people can generate money by maintaining their own blog or website, has been increasingly popular in recent years.

So, if you work in this field, you already understand how critical it is to advertise your business in order to create income. In this regard, Google Adsense could be a helpful tool in achieving your goal.

Google AdSense allows publishers of Google content network websites to display ads in text, photos, videos, and interactive media that are relevant to the content and audience of their sites. Google is in charge of tracking, classifying, and managing the advertisements on your site, which are based on your content and that of your visitors. Advertisers who wish to promote their products create these adverts and pay for them.

However, it’s crucial to note that some business owners have voiced serious concerns about this platform, including login troubles, the fact that the website takes a long time to approve your content, and persistent advertising that causes clients to have a negative experience.

If Adsense isn’t working for you, here are three excellent alternatives:

1- MediaFem

MediaFem connects publishers with global and local brands. It will allow you to monetize and market your website or blog. Its ad types, optimization, and intelligence reports are well-known. You can choose between video, display, native, desktop, and mobile phone options, depending on your preferences.

On mobile apps, MediaFem allows you to display up to five commercials per page and three advertisements per screen. The money they make earns the website a commission. Also, keep in mind that MediaFem only pays publishers if they have a balance of at least $100 at the end of the month. The client will have to wait another 53 days for payment if this happens.

2- SmartyAds

SmartyAds is a leading digital advertising software company that develops cutting-edge programmatic solutions for digital advertisers, publishers, ad agencies, and businesses all around the world.

SmartyAds is reinventing the future of programmatic advertising by discovering new possibilities inside Machine Learning, AI, and other smart technologies, making it unexpectedly simple and profitable for everyone.

3- Adblade

Adblade is the largest Ad Network in the United States and the third-largest in the World. Adblade is a Comscore top-rated company with over 500 million unique users a month across hundreds of premium online publishing partners.

Adblade has helped both brand advertisers and publishers succeed in a highly competitive marketplace. Brands see the network as a unique vehicle to deliver highly effective content to their massive audience. Direct response advertisers value their strong customer support, proprietary optimization technology, and industry-leading ROI. Premium publishers find a trusted partner able to deliver consistent and substantial advertising revenue far beyond an “Ad network”.

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