Are you looking for an alternative to Media.Net to monetize your app? We have the best alternatives for you.

If you want to start advertising your app, you should start with mobile ads because they have a higher impact than traditional ads. Furthermore, people prefer to utilize their phones over other devices. That means you’ll be able to easily attract the users’ attention.

It can be challenging to make your application stand out in today’s market when so many companies offer the same product. That’s why mobile ads will help you stand out from your competition. You can use these adverts to promote your business and attract more clients.

Finding a reputable ad network is important before investing in advertising, but it can be challenging for publishers because each ad network’s performance varies and does not produce the same results.

Propeller Ads is one of the most prominent ad networks for mobile advertising. If Propeller Ads did not produce the desired results, we recommend that you try the following ad networks:


The best ad network for mobile ads is MediaFem. By displaying our text or image advertisement banners on your site and encouraging users to click on them, you can earn money.

MediaFem is a profitable and effective ad network that enables you to earn even more from your site. What makes them different from other ad networks? Personalized content, optimization tools, video, display, native, desktop, and mobile ads are just a few of the options available on MediaFem’s ad network.

MediaFem allows you to show up to five adverts per page and three advertisements per screen on mobile apps. Ad codes are used by many publishers to bring visitors from all over the world to their websites.


InMobi is one of the world’s largest independent mobile advertising networks, allowing you to reach clients all over the world. This organization can handle both mobile and web ad campaigns, so you’ll have everything you need to make money off your apps.

InMobi supports Android, iOS, and mobile web and offers CPC and CPI ad campaigns. Banner, native, video, rich media, and interstitial ads are among the ad formats available.


MobFox is a publisher, app developer, and advertiser-friendly ad network that allows you to monetize your apps. You can target people based on geography (country, region, city, or zip code), carrier, channel (IT, business, travel, entertainment, and so on), and demographics (age, gender, lifestyle, relationship, native language, and education).

Choose between targeting behavioral audiences that have been pre-grouped or creating bespoke audiences. All main formats, including native, interstitial, and banner, rich media, and video, are supported by the SDK.

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