A publisher’s income is determined by how many capital advertisers are willing to pay for their impressions on their sites. And the CPM rate has commonly been equivalent to the pulse rate (the higher your CPM is, the more your traffic value, the bigger your profit is).

In the world Advertiser- Ad Network-Publisher, it is only one single group that decides how much the “impressions” will cost, the advertisers. They might bid highly for Indian traffic, and they might drop their interest. Ad networks show those alterations and update their cost-for-thousand impressions rates for publishers. 

But, in order to get an improvement in the customer experience and boost their earnings, we recommend Publishers to associate with suitable CPM Ad Networks.

We compare some of the Best Options for IndianTraffic in 2021: 

  1. MediaFem

MediaFem is a full-service platform located in the UK, with more than 10 years of experience in ad monetization. Many publishers around the world use their ad codes to stimulate users to view more articles on the same site, or to increase it’s earning for referral traffic. Powered by a modern predictive engine, the platform equips publishers with capabilities that are vital to digital media success, including A/B testing, intelligent reporting, and personalization features.

Paying in Net53 terms, MediaFem does not charge any sum cost as they work with a Rev. Share Model 70% for Publishers. These percentages are consistent, regardless of a publisher’s geographic location, and are not in any way averaged between publishers. 

So for us will be our primary suggestion to start, you can sign up in MediaFem here.

  1. Redirect

This ad network allows customers to both buy and sell traffic via a real-time system. One can buy displays, email addresses, domains, pops, and RON traffic, among others.

Their instinctive geo-targeting system monetizes all of the client’s international traffic and ensures that they benefit from great RPM. Redirect provides a single redirect link that needs to be entered into the system as a broad-based redirect link. 

  1. Sortable

Sortable is a broad-spectrum platform that helps publishers unify demand partners, data, and tools. It aims to simplify the highly complex processes of publishing while getting more ad revenues. Sortable uses machine learning to assist online publishers and content creators in automating ad operations.

Sortable highlights their agnostic approach to monetization and unified reporting as their top benefits. Aside from that, they consist of a large engineering team which promises fast implementation and powerful solutions.

  1. TripleLift

TripleLift centers on native ads, branded content, and video. They assist publishers to incorporate native direct deals in their existing ad stack. Their in-feed native ads deliver engaging advertising experiences for your visitors.

They use their exclusive technology to create ad placements for publishers that match the look and feel of each of their websites. Regarding their native ad framework, they provide a vast range of different ad formats such as image, scroll, carousel, etc.

  1. Bidvertiser 

Though your mileage may vary, Bidvertiser is an ad network with an interesting monetization model. In addition to earning money for each ad that is clicked, the publisher also earns extra income when the click leads to a conversion or sales for the advertiser. Bidvertiser supports multiple ad formats including banners, skyscrapers, rectangles, and others. And publishers can use the provided point-and-click tool to customize the format of these units to match their website’s look.

Their bidding system ensures that publishers always get the highest possible revenue from each ad unit. Using the reporting interface, publishers can easily monitor their ad performance, clicks, click-through rate, and the total amount they’ve earned.

Let’s also have a look at these tips you can apply to your site in order to maximize your CPM rates:

Correctly place ads on your website for increasing ad viewability

Improving ad viewability is one of the main solutions provided for increasing CPM rates. Advertisers have expanded the number of statistics that they contemplated for analyzing an inventory. Ad viewability is one of those statistics/metrics, along with brand mentions, return on investment, and others.

Finally, you also need to examine your platform specifications. In case you want to use code plugins like WordPress, make sure they don’t add any extra data to the ad script. The same goes for text editors that add or change pieces of code. 

Geo-targeted traffic data collected from the website

Explore all the aspects of your traffic as if you were an investigator! etc. Perhaps, the number of visitors hasn’t changed, but you’ve lost a loaf of the audience from particular countries or mobile users. Probably the best resource that a publisher owns in today’s time is data collected through analyzing their website audience. 

Audience engagement 

The more time users spend time on your website, the more they are probable to interact with ads (clicking on them), and the more revenue you will get. Advertisers are hesitant to pay for dull traffic. 

Your website analytics structure likely builds such metrics as page-views and average time on the website. They reveal how engaging your content is. You can try different analytics websites that build straightforward frequency reports with great handy based on your traffic. 

Number of unique users

If over 90% of website visitors are your loyal audience or returning visitors, advertisers may eventually cut down your CPM. Why would they do that? Because it is not likely that one user will respond to related ads multiple times, so when advertisers compress the maximum from the traffic, they look forward to seeing an ingress of new users. 

Choose the right ad formats 

On this occasion, publishers must reflect through the user’s perspective. If the website, for example, has more content of videos, then video ads are more reasonable as the user evidently prefers videos. There are several formats that publishers can experiment with, for example, native ads, banner ads, or rich media ads.

Traffic quality 

Regardless of how many visitors you have, advertisers are determined to pay for quantifiable and reliable traffic. If you have lately purchased traffic from unreliable proveniences, your revenues will soon disappear.

In addition, we also suggest publishers to keep an eye on the developments and evolution in the advertisement industry and how it can affect them.


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