How can free apps generate revenue? Have you ever considered how to make a profit from free apps? This post is for developers who want to figure out how to make a profit with technology by releasing free apps in the mobile app industry.

Since the free app sector has always outstripped the paid app market (in terms of sales and downloads), most users wonder how much money apps earn. Have you ever considered how to benefit from apps?

Before we get into how free apps earn money, it’s important to understand that, according to some surveys, the smartphone boom hasn’t stopped (and won’t), according to several studies. Despite the fact that the percentage of paid app earnings has dropped from 75.9% to 37.8%, the mobile app industry is still hugely profitable.

How Do Free Apps Make Money
  • Advertising

When it comes to making money for free apps, advertising is perhaps the most popular and simplest to execute. It can also be achieved via a third-party advertising platform.

According to a recent survey and analysis by several organizations, mobile advertisement spending in 2020 was 280 billion dollars, with 320 billion dollars predicted in 2021.

Ads are an easy way to monetize applications and make income. An app owner only needs to have advertisements in their app or use affiliate marketing to earn money from third-party advertising companies.

You will be charged every time an ad is shown (per impression), every time a user clicks on the ad, and every time a user downloads the advertised app. Since this is a free version, you can also run advertising campaigns to increase profits for a limited time.

App providers typically use four different types of display advertising to monetize their apps. However, as an app developer, you must keep track of whether your target customers find these ads amusing or whether they are ad-blocking them.

Interstitial Ads

This form of app advertising consists of full-screen pop-ups that appear at predetermined times. This ad can be removed by pressing the close button in the upper left or right side.

When a user finishes modifying a picture and saves it to the gallery, for example, an advertisement can appear.

Banner Ads

These are display ads that appear at the top or bottom of the app screen in multiple lengths. They are usually tiny and unobtrusive, allowing anyone to use the app.

In-app Video Advertisements

 These advertisements are shown automatically and are usually used as a reward video in return for in-app rewards. For instance, app users can obtain app money by watching an advertisement video, which can be used to unlock levels in the app or purchase special functions. This is the most widely used advertising revenue model by clients.

Native Ads

Native advertisements are incorporated into the app to act as a natural element. It is most often used to advertise a product or a smartphone app. In this situation, free affiliate marketing can assist in increasing user experience with your app.

Since users are less annoyed and disruptive with such advertising, this approach is becoming increasingly common.

However, one thing to keep in mind about native advertising is that, in comparison to other types, their profit can be very low. Native advertisements are the most disliked by consumers, despite the fact that mobile app developers consider them to be the best strategy.

Rewarded Videos

When it comes to in-app ad integration, this is the most powerful advertising model. They are watched by online users in exchange for scores, possessions, or virtual products. It is simple to make money using this ad model, and as an advertiser, you can easily communicate the brand’s messages.

The main benefit of using this marketing strategy is that it has a high retention rate because people are rewarded for watching these commercials. It’s better for the gaming apps market because gamers like getting free stuff, and the effective cost per mille for this form of ads is higher than for any other.

Many platforms use mobile ads to monetize their apps. You must, however, make the best decision for your app. MediaFem is one of the most popular mobile advertising platforms in 2021. This is a huge UK-based platform that has been monetizing apps for over ten years. Ad codes are used on a variety of websites to encourage users to read more posts or to generate revenue from referral traffic on the same page.

Publishers can use the platform’s advanced analytical engine to perform A/B testing, smarter reports, and personalization, all of which are important for online technical advancement. Publishers can choose between header bidding and the standard One Ad Code solution for their services. This advertising company supports a number of ad formats, including video, mobile, audio, and native.

MediaFem does not charge commissions and pays Net53 based on a 70 percent Rev. Publisher share scheme. Regardless of regions, these statistics are distributed to all publishers, but they are not averaged. MediaFem is the most popular platform for advertisers and small publishers to make large amounts of money, 

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