Try looking back the next time you were on public transportation, in a neighborhood, or at work. With the rise of smartphones, Bluetooth speakers, and personal devices, it’s clear that we’ve reached a new audio world, and that audio advertising is a viable option.

About the fact that radio advertising is in its youth, programmatic audio advertising enables brands to reach highly engaged audiences via streaming services.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a growth in the use of audio media, such as podcasts, streaming radio, and music. Consumers are dedicating more and more time to this digital medium.

The new platform for delivering audio ads is gaining traction rapidly. Music and media publishers can provide audio advertisements. Audio advertising, like other programmatic marketing tools, allows you to use specific targeting tactics to reach relevant geolocations and target audiences with your digital ad campaign.

Just a few well-known media platforms offer this kind of advertisement. One of the greatest is MediaFem. This is a full-service SSP network headquartered in the United Kingdom with over a decade of ad monetization experience. The majority of publishers use their ad codes to enable people to read more content on the same page or to boost referral traffic sales.

This advertising company, driven by cutting-edge analytics, provides advertisers with A/B testing, intelligent reporting, and personalization, both of which are vital for digital media success.

MediaFem partners with Publishers on a 70 percent revenue-sharing basis and does not incur any upfront costs. These numbers are consistent for all publishers, regardless of location, and they are not averaged. Publishers have the option of using header bidding or the standard One Ad Code solution for their applications. MediaFem supports all types of video, audio, display, mobile, and native formats.

They’re committed to developing innovative and groundbreaking ad solutions that take advantage of audio’s powerful capacity as an engaging medium while also delivering a positive, personalized audio experience.

The MediaFem ad platform is designed specifically for audio, enabling publishers to further monetize their audio inventory and supplying consumers with a one-stop-shop for audio-centric programmatic buying at scale.

Through managing the basic ad incorporation into any digital audio material, whether it’s a podcast, music streaming, or digital broadcast, publishers can maximize sales while enhancing the listening experience. They support both client-side ad insertion and server-side ad insertion on major streaming servers.

Podcasters have more complex monetization scenarios and programmatic environments than anybody else in the market, according to their tactics. The dynamic ad insertion system from MediaFem helps them to position ads anywhere in the podcast, with premium quality for optimum listening and advanced targeting options.

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