One of the ways to earn money on the Internet is to create a website focused on trivia and information on pop culture, there is a huge variety of topics that can be profitable, although, without a doubt, one capable of giving good results quickly are sites focused entirely on anime topics.

How To Make An Anime Website

As you well know, animes are animated productions produced by Japanese studios. Today, they are successful all over the world, mainly in Latin America, where they have reached audiences of all ages. Ranging from completely children’s animations to products with an exclusive focus on the adult audience, Japanese animation has carved out its own space within pop culture.

The interesting thing is that a site dedicated to anime has all the conditions of having a good number of hits. There are animes of the most diverse styles and, consequently, a vast material to serve as content. The public, likewise, is very varied today, the stereotype of the creepy otaku is in the past.

In addition, the adoration for anime among children and teenagers today is a strong indication that the so-called “nerdy public” is always hungry for information channels that address their favorite topics.

In this case, a site dedicated to commenting on curiosities, trends, advice, and everything that this fascinating universe of stories implies, has excellent chances of success among its niche audience.

Some Advices…

Stop wasting your otaku knowledge and talent and create a blog to earn money!

Anime corresponds to a vast universe of stories and characters. There are anime of various genres, from science fiction (Shin Sekai Yori), horror (YamiShibai), and fantasy (Kōtetsujō no Kabaneri), aimed at a young and adult audience, and there are those aimed at children such as Pokémon Origins.

Thus, the advice for those who want to invest in this rich topic and strong appeal to pop culture are the following:

  • Definition of the public: As it is a wide universe of characters and series, you can choose to build a website designed for a type of anime genre. On the other hand, it is possible to conceive a more elaborate and complex site, with links and curiosities destined to weave a general panorama of the animes, addressing curiosities referring to the oldest (such as Knights of the Zodiac, for example), up to the most recent releases. (like Kimetsu no Yaiba).
  • Choice of platform: Today there are dozens of platforms for building sites like WordPress, Wix, Joomla, etc. Each one offers special features and has various plugins and a series of advantageous resources. Also remember to keep it interesting and match the content of your site. As it is a theme that appeals a lot to the visual aspect, you have to be very attentive in that aspect and take advantage of the fact that several interesting templates are available for sites of this type.
  • Focus on the content: There is no excuse for the lack of theme, animes have a large collection of stories, superheroes and characters, thus containing mythologies rich in content. In this regard, you can have space on your site for animated graphics reviews, release advice, curiosities about productions, etc. Also, use relaxed and informal language in your texts, which will appeal to your audience.
  • Have a good diffusion: To develop a good communication of your anime site, make good use of social networks. Today social networks are full of communities aimed at fans of these oriental productions. Also keep an eye out for events and conventions where anime producers, artists, and fans meet to exchange ideas and information. It can be a great idea to cover events, take photos and post exclusive content.


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