Some are specialists in the subject they deal with, but the key to success is not so much in knowledge as in the way of communicating. There are many famous bloggers who are not specialists in lyrics, but this has not prevented them from becoming reference bloggers. Whether it’s business management, sales, beauty, or cooking, there are many who started from scratch.

Without great pretensions

“I did not plan anything, I did not want to be famous, I signed up for an idea that was already there, that worked. I never thought of living from this, ”says Isabel Llano, a famous fashion blogger, in one of her videos.

As a computer science teacher, when she became unemployed she decided to entertain herself by recording videos and uploading them to the Internet. The first explained how to make a Patricia Conde bow with two socks rolled up like a donut.

“I don’t know if that day she gave everyone to make a bow or what,” she said, but the truth is that the video began to receive tickets until it became one of the most viewed. From that moment, she no longer stopped.

Speak in the first person

Although the blog began as a beauty and cooking blog, Isabel Llano jumped to the subject of motherhood when she became pregnant. She talked about clothes, about foods to avoid until she told about her birth experience. After two children and after a union of 14 years, her husband and she decided to separate, a topic that gave rise to another of the most viewed videos of the Gijonese fueled by the spread of a news item in which the husband was accused of having hacked account.

Tomás Santoro, a specialist in management, is also in favor of speaking in the first person in his post although, more than about his life, he speaks of the vicissitudes at the head of the company. In this sense, he takes advantage of a phrase from the Indomitable Will Hunting movie where he states that “when you tell something that you haven’t actually experienced, you have no idea what you’re talking about”.

Narrate a story

It is not about passing sentences, but about writing so that they understand you and getting readers to project themselves with what you tell them, by affinity, by the similarity of situations, or, simply, for entertainment. There are those who like to start many of their posts with a direct style, introducing the topic with a real conversation they have had with someone.

It has been proven that, with these tickets, the visits are much higher. Another resource is to introduce inspiring phrases from famous people or an authority on the subject because it works better than statistics or numbers. Writing posts that are too corporate is not recommended either.

Also, take care of the form

In addition to taking care of the grammar and, obviously, the spelling, specialists point out that it is also convenient to take care of the form, that is, the way of presenting the texts. A strip of photographs, illustrations, videos… but they also use typographic resources to liven up the presentation of the text by combining colors, fonts, or underlining.

Constancy and regularity

If among all those mentioned, one had to be chosen as the main key to gaining followers, the vast majority would say that it is perseverance that allows them to retain their loyalty. Generally, the commitment is to publish a post a week. It is necessary to strictly comply with this periodicity as a strategy to set a next appointment and gain recurrence. It is a way of creating a habit that also serves as a discipline.

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