Today we are going to talk about how to monetize a blog and turn it into a business. It is a recurring theme in the online world, both in people who are considering starting to write for the first time and in people who already have a career. So keep reading Monetize Your Blog And Turn It Into A Business.

But first: what is a blog?

Well, if you look around this text you will bump into one hehe. Basically, it is a website in which content that has a certain theme is published with some regularity. It is important to divide blogs into two main types beyond the type of content, which is almost infinite because there are blogs on practically any topic.

Corporate blogs: this is one more tool at the service of the brand. Its monetization is closely linked to that of the company and is not usually a separate business unit.

Personal blogs: they can have a profitable intention from the beginning, although this is not always the case. In many cases, personal blogs are born from an interest in a certain topic. And it is when they generate certain traffic that they are perceived as a business opportunity.

In addition to these two typologies, we could include a third one that would be a hybrid of both: personal brand blogs. In this case, they are personal blogs that aim to strengthen the image of their editor as a reference expert on a specific topic. In these cases, monetization comes thanks to the leads and budgets that are received by the owner.

How to monetize a blog?

Let’s assume that we start from scratch and that you have not yet created your blog. But many of the tips that I am going to give you below can also be applied to a blog that has already been created:

1. Choose a topic from the point of view of the market
2. Choose the platform
3. What content do I post on the blog to monetize?

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