As we promised you in our first SEO: Guide To Conquer The Top Of Google article, today we will talk about what is the difference between SEO and SEM. We do not want to leave out of these guides an issue that causes a lot of confusion among professionals who are starting out in the world of Digital Marketi ng and this is the difference between SEO and SEM. Although at first, they may seem to refer to similar actions given the similarity of their acronyms, you should pay close attention because they refer to completely different actions. Let’s see them one by one.

SEO = Organic Positioning

As you already know, SEO refers to all those actions that you can take inside or outside your website to optimize its positioning in search engines organically. This last point is key since organic means “non-paid”.

With an SEO strategy, you do not pay Google or any other search engine to gain positions in the SERP. It’s your valuable content and optimizations that earn those spots in their own right.

SEM = Paid Positioning

On the contrary, SEM —Search Engine Market ing— refers to those strategies that include the use of paid advertisements.

In other words, with an SEM strategy you create an advertising campaign so that when a user types a search, your site appears before the organic results in the form of an ad, as long as it matches the user’s search intention.

Which to choose?

A complete Digital Advertising strategy should not opt for one and exclude the other. That is, you must include in your strategy a combination of SEO and SEM strategies to increase your results.

With the use of SEM, results are generated instantly in a short period of time, necessary when you want to increase visibility or brand recognition quickly or when you want to launch products or promotions for a limited time.

In addition, SEO is a strategy that works in the medium and long term, constantly bringing better quality visits.

Now that we have the concepts a little clearer, we can be alert to all the new news that appears in the sector, in this way you will see the importance of these two concepts. As professionals in digital advertising, we recommend that you do not focus on one of the two concepts and leave the other aside since both are really important.

We also recommend you prioritize SEO at the beginning since this will be what ends up making the difference in your positioning and once some previous objectives have been met, it would be time to bet on SEM, yes, without ever leaving aside SEO in no time. And it is for all these reasons that it is of vital importance to have a good marketi ng plan from the beginning so that we do not miss any aspect and obtain results much sooner.

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