It is perhaps one of the most fashionable terms in the world of web positioning, and as often happens, by generating so much noise, many myths also appear around it. We are talking about SEO and the legends that have arisen around it to dismantle them and make you see that there are precepts that are still as valid as at the beginning.

And we do not say it. Google itself says so, as you will see throughout this post. So if you have a business and want to get a good web positioning, don’t dismiss these tips because you’ve heard somewhere that they do more harm than good.

Also, you should know that for your monetization strategy to be efficient, you need good SEO. There is no use spending time and effort on monetizing if you do not generate good traffic that generates said income.

3 SEO Myths…

#1: The death of SEO

We understand that reading such a sentence can lead one to think that it is based on weighty arguments. And it is curious because it stems from a concern that is reflected in the search engines themselves: thousands of users have wondered if “SEO is dead” since 2016.

Well no. It is neither dead nor will it be since thanks to these three letters most of the organic search traffic that occurs on web pages is channeled. In other words, as long as search engines continue to exist as we know them, and organic results are used and displayed that can be influenced in some way, this tool will continue to be valid.

Skepticism is normal, especially if the voice of alarm is often heard. But there is another much more basic reason: if everything related to SEO is still so interesting, why would it stop working as well as it has until now?

#2: SEO is a one-day thing

At first, you spend all the time in the world and then you focus on other aspects of the brand or the image of your company. You still have similar traffic. But, after a short time, you start to lose visibility. It’s what you have when you start to neglect your SEO. Of course, there are exceptions that prove the rule: websites that continue to have high rankings and constant traffic even if they haven’t been published for years.

But it is not the norm. That is why it is essential to constantly work on SEO and pamper it. How? A good in-depth analysis can help to know our strengths and weaknesses. We recommend you read this article Discover Where Your Visitors Came From With This API.

#3: Post something new all the time

Google only cares about new content depending on the query of its users. In other words, if a person searches for “how to tie a shoelace”, publishing a new entry (or republishing an old one) on that topic will not make the search engine put your post in the first position.

It’s not that putting out ‘fresh’ content doesn’t matter. The key is that it has relevance based on what people are looking for. SEO is a living being and search engines are constantly changing their main terms. Therefore, it is expected that when someone searches for something, they will find “new” results.

If You Have Already Worked On Your SEO, Check MediaFem And Monetize

To Monetize your blog you can start at any time. However, it is important that you keep in mind that until you have interesting traffic you will not see relevant income. But don’t be discouraged. Remember that this is a passive income and that the most important thing is that your blog and the advertising you put in will generate more movement for your business.

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