Looking for the best Supply-Side platforms for big websites? Keep reading and take notes if you want to monetize all your hard work.

Even if the advertising sector has expanded significantly over the past 20 years, it has always been critical to give publishers the best resources possible to increase revenue. Today’s publishers use cutting-edge technologies to increase revenue from their ad inventory by charging a premium for their ad slots.

We will discuss what SSPs are, why you need one, and which SSPs are the finest for big websites.

What Is A Supply-Side Platform?

An advertising technology platform called a supply side platform (SSP) helps publishers and owners of digital media simplify the process of coordinating, managing, and selling digital ad spots.

Although many publishers still sell ad spaces by hand, SSPs streamline and enhance the process. Publishers may increase yield and concurrently make their inventory available to a number of supply-side platforms thanks to SSP advertising businesses. Publishers may scale their selling procedure and make their ad inventory available to several prospective purchasers simultaneously by using SSPs. The bidding procedure boosts the publisher’s income because the ad inventory is in higher demand.

While publishers can sell their ad spaces through ad networks and exchanges to a variety of demand partners, SSPs scale up the process by connecting you with a huge number of side platforms for demand, greatly enhancing your visibility.

Which Are The Best SSP For Big Websites In 2022?


Since its creation in the UK more than 13 years ago, MediaFem has kept up with the most recent developments in the advertising sector. All adverts are viewable by persons who are really interested in what is being given thanks to a set of codes developed by MediaFem.

The publisher collaborates with a network that values transparency and consistent operational reporting. Utilising their service is completely free due to their knowledge and experience. The core of their business plan is a revenue split of 70% for publishers and 30% for them.

Publishers can choose to implement their solutions utilising bidding headers or the common One Ad Code format. The variety of advertisement formats offered by MediaFem includes web, native, video and mobile.


The content intelligence platform Marfeel has completely changed how publishers can create and make money from their mobile websites. With the help of this no-code platform, users can produce compelling content that increases traffic, offers individualised experiences, and increases revenue. The platform was introduced in 2011, and it is situated in Barcelona, Spain.

The mobile site layout and features are changed dynamically by the Marfeel SSP platform after analysis of the audience’s habits, behaviour, and other trends. The private platform optimises publisher revenue through the adjustments by effectively targeting the users.


By connecting publishers with hundreds of demand partners throughout the world, Sovrn enables them to optimise their revenue. It provides a range of unique features, including custom integrations, data monetization, commerce, and server to server bidding, to mention a few, that focus on maximising the value of each user. The company’s present headquarters are in Boulder, Colorado, where it was formed in 2014.

The platform provides options including programmatic direct agreements, video monetization, email monetization, and header bidding. Additionally, it enables publishers to stay clear of ad blockers to maintain revenue. Publishers can comprehend the behaviour of bid requests and adapt their services by using a thorough analytics dashboard.