Currently, mobile ads are one of the best ways to monetize your product, but you have to know how to do it right. Because of that, we gathered the best three supply-side platforms for mobile ads in 2022.

A supply-side platform is a piece of software that automates advertising sales. Online publishers frequently use SSPs to help them sell display, video, and mobile ads. SSPs are increasingly used to sell ad space for publishers across a number of different channels, including DOOH and CTV, in addition to selling inventory on websites and mobile applications.

These are really useful for mobile ads, which are advertisements and ad campaigns that are specifically intended for mobile devices. “Mobile devices” in this sense include smartphones, tablets, and wearable gadgets. Mobile advertisements can appear within applications, on websites accessed via mobile devices, or on social media platforms accessed via mobile devices.


As a result, if you’re looking to monetize your website with an SSP, mobile advertisements are definitely the best way to go. We’ve compiled a list of three of the finest SSPs for native advertisements in 2022:

1. MediaFem

MediaFem is a full-service SSP network with over 13 years of ad monetization expertise based in the United Kingdom. Ad codes are used by many publications to urge users to read more on the same page or to generate money from referral traffic. This advertising business uses cutting-edge analytics to provide customers with A/B testing, intelligent reporting, and personalization, which are all critical for new media success.

MediaFem supports all video, audio, display, mobile, and native formats, and it collaborates with Publishers on a revenue-sharing basis of 70% with no upfront fees. These numbers are consistent across all publishers, regardless of region, and they are not averaged. For their implementations, publishers can choose between header bidding and the conventional One Ad Code option.

Ad integration into any digital audio resource, whether a podcast, music download or digital broadcast, may help publishers increase revenue while enhancing sound quality. Most streaming servers support both client-side and server-side ad insertion.

2. MoPub

MoPub is a firm that provides mobile app publishers and developers all around the world with monetization options. MoPub connects mobile publishers with actual demand. Over 130 demand-side platforms (DSPs) compete with mobile ad networks for the best pricing per ad impression on MoPub Marketplace. Using their free and flexible mediation option, mobile publishers may cooperate with the partners of their choosing. MoPub’s robust ad serving tools, interface, and analytics provide developers the control, transparency, and flexibility they need to fuel their monetization strategies.

3. Pubnative

PubNative is a mobile monetization platform that helps app publishers adapt and enhance their revenue strategy via the use of customized ad units. Is a mobile publisher platform and programmatic ad exchange that provides advanced monetization solutions for mobile app developers and enables mobile publishers to improve their programmatic advertising income via customizable connections (API, SDK, JavaScript).

PubNative’s native-first strategy, unique cross-format optimization engine, and mobile header bidding solution enable mobile publishers to optimize their programmatic advertising income. The headquarters of the firm are in Berlin, but it also has offices in San Francisco, New York, Seoul, Beijing, and Bangalore.


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