Still not including native advertising in your strategy? What are you waiting for? It will allow you to seamlessly reach your audience with content that is interesting to them. Many leading brands have been using it for some time now. Their goal is to merge advertising within the content of the website. Don’t be afraid, there are many native ads tools to choose from.

You can use creativity to generate a product that keeps your reader engaged. It differs from traditional advertising in that it is not directly displayed. Therefore, it is a much less intrusive way of executing the action. Try to make it look as little like an advertisement as possible, it has to be linked to the story of the content in a fluid way.

How can native ads tools help?

Don’t forget to tell stories that trigger something in the audience. The main goal is to get the audience to emotionally engage with what is in front of them. People act on the impulse of their emotions. So once you have captured their attention, the rest will come easily.

Many readers abandon content because more explicit ads interrupt their experience. In fact, the feeling of annoyance is such among users that the use of ad-blocking software has increased considerably in recent years.

With this tactic, your potential customer will be able to finish it without any hindrance. A person who has enjoyed the product will be more likely to interact with the brand. After all, in this way, they will not be able to avoid the brand, as it is part of the content that is causing them so much interest. It is a way of gaining brand visibility with the audience. The audience will know that you are present, but you won’t be in their way.

Thanks to native ads, clicks on branded links increase compared to traditional forms of advertising.

Moreover, there are studies that state that when users access from mobile, interaction increases. Therefore, make sure that the pages where the content will appear are adaptable to mobile technology.

Native ads tools you need to know


MediaFem is a 12-year-old advertising network that connects content websites with advertisers through programmatic platforms, and then charges a fee based on programmatic revenue on the site. It has created a set of adaptive marketing guidelines that allow each ad to target people who are interested in the information being presented.

It prides itself on being able to offer advertisers higher quality content than other ad networks. This system responds quickly to ad requests, ensuring that each impression is delivered as quickly as possible for the best possible viewing experience. MediaFem has become the company it is today by delivering relevant content and operating more efficiently than other ad networks.


It is one of the leading native ads tools in the native advertising market. It offers the possibility to make yourself known on popular pages.

Insert your brand in content that is fresh and attractive to the audience. They take advantage of the moment when the audience is most receptive to send them the message you want to convey. They will help you generate engagement and an important opportunity to monetise your product.


Outbrain is a company that grew in 2006 believing in the basics of innovation and success. They want to make it fun for customers to discover new products through web content. They have 18 global offices around the world.

They are based in 55 different countries, including more than 800 professionals who work every day to build audience loyalty to branded content.

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