If you are starting in the business of making money out of your website or blog, and you are not sure what ad platforms are or which one you should use, we suggest you give these emerging networks a try. Continue reading and get the best ad networks available!

First of all, we need to understand what an advertising platform is. An advertising platform is a management and control tool for internet advertising campaigns that a business or advertising agency can utilise independently or not. Thus, without having to deal with an advertising agency or a medium, the user of an advertising platform can build and manage his advertising campaigns.

Online publishers frequently employ ad platforms and ad management together. Even though publishers frequently sell their own advertising through internal sales representatives, it’s not always simple to fill every opening. Ad platforms play a special role in maximising income and ensuring that nothing goes unsold by filling leftover inventory on publishers’ websites.

Now that you know what an ad platform is, it is time to go over a few top emerging advertising networks available in 2022 for you to try.


One of the greatest ad networks this year is MediaFem, a well-known platform with a track record of reliability, usability, and effectiveness for many websites and services. It offers some of the highest respects on the web and has a relatively quick team acceptance process. Your site’s management and the revenue it produces are handled by MediaFem. You keep 70% of your earnings, with the remaining 30% going to the business.

By providing pertinent material to the appropriate audience at the appropriate moment during their visit to your website, MediaFem has developed and evolved into the business it is today. It entails using an algorithm to analyse a website or blog in order to produce a piece that would be of interest to researchers.

You will be paid when someone clicks or scrolls on an ad code you copied and pasted from an ad publisher. In contrast to other websites, this one takes pride in offering bloggers high-quality information. It creates a favourable initial impression and responds quickly to advertising requests. Both the content of the website on which it is marketed and the content that will be advertised are handled with extraordinary care by MediaFem


The free ad server and omni-channel monetization service provided by Smaato‘s digital advertising technology platform. With them, publishers have unmatched control over their income. Publishers may import their own data and manage their whole inventory from a single location.

They provide both complex ad formats and advanced ad solutions. Smaato also succeeds in maximising profits and ensuring client happiness.

3-Triple Lift

Triple Lift focuses on branded video ad networks, branded content, and native advertisements. They assist publishers with integrating native direct offers into their current ad stacks. Your users will appreciate engaging and enjoyable advertising experiences because of their native in-feed advertisements.

They design publisher-specific ad placements using their own proprietary technologies to match the aesthetic of each of their websites. The native ad framework includes a variety of ad formats, including image, scroll, cinemagraph, and carousel.