Ad networks pool ad inventory from a variety of sources and match them with demand for ad spaces. A mobile ad network’s supply sources are frequently apps from publishers and developers. Advertisers that want their ad to appear in another app are demand sources.

Ad networks are an important part of the mobile advertising ecosystem’s profitability. Advertisers and publishers use them as technical and commercial mediators.

On a technological level, integrations are typically provided, allowing the supply side to sell goods and the demand side to initiate and monitor campaigns. Ad networks help businesses with payments and transactions. Publishers would have to make terms with each individual advertiser if there were no ad network solutions to pull demand.

Okay then, they’re super important, but which ad network should we use? There are dozens of ad networks everywhere, you could spend days trying different ones, so we’ll recommend our favorite one


Since its inception thirteen years ago, MediaFem has kept up with the newest developments in the advertising industry. MediaFem assists you in setting a number of short- and long-term profit targets, as well as developing a set of specialty marketing codes that enable all advertising reach the locations where there is genuine interest in what is being given.

On a daily basis, the publisher interacts with a network that provides operational transparency and coverage. Because of their efficacy and accountability, using their service is completely free. Their business model is based on a 70 percent publisher share and a 30 percent Mediafem portion.

Publishers have the option of using either the bidding headers or the standard One Ad Code form. The adverts might be in video, mobile, web, or native format.

By utilizing this platform, you will be able to increase the traffic to your website, allowing you to profit from it.

Here are a few of Mediafem‘s advantages:

  • Global accessibility to a wide range of demand
  • Increased yield per impression
  • Automation at a large scale.
  • Brand safety and protection
  • Format to match your company’s needs
  • allows you to customize your header bidding setup.

How soon will I see MediaFem earnings and revenue?

Count on getting paid in 53 days, which is the fastest in the business.

At MediaFem, we want to make sure you understand how you’ll get paid, what payment methods we use, and how long it’ll take for your money to arrive.

We’ve included all of our payment choices below, along with some information about each of them, including any potential delays. In addition, you’ll see that we’ve included the quickest way for publishers to get paid.

You can sign up to Mediafem Here


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